Top Attractions

London Eye (1.5 miles from hotel, by walk 30 minutes, via transport 12 minutes)

This is a great Platform to see London from. The London Eye takes the idea of a ?big wheel? to a whole new level. A fantastic attraction for all the family ? as long as you do not mind heights.

Tower of London (3.6 miles from hotel, by walk 55 minutes, via transport 20 minutes)

This majestic fortress is set on the North bank of the river and is most famous for housing the Crown Jewels. Once a prison it has also welcome a few other famous guests such as Queen Elizabeth I, Anne Boleyn, Lady Jane Grey and Sir Walter Raleigh. It is also rumoured that a few executed prisoners still roam the building to this day.   

[url=[0]=Buckingham%20Palace]Buckingham Palace (1 mile from hotel, by walk 15 minutes, via transport 10 minutes)

Home of the queen, there is little wonder why this attraction draws so many visitors. A magnificent structure set in aptly regal grounds ? a must see for anyone wanting to see all the sites.

Houses of Parliament (1.3 miles from hotel, by walk 20 minutes, via transport 11 minutes)

An imposing building set on the Middlesex bank of the river. Named so as it is home to the Houses of Commons and Lords. The Houses Of Parliament is an excellent example of British architecture which also includes the historic landmark of big Ben.

Westminster Abbey (1 mile from hotel, by walk 15 minutes, via transport 10 minutes)

A Gothic Style church built around 1080. Today the abbey is the official worship place of the royal family holding many important events such as royal wedding and coronations it also entombs many late monarchs.